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#23500 - #23251

Listed below are books/charts #23500 - #23251 received at Thistle Needleworks.
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Item# Title Publisher Price
23500 Frogs 'N Bugs StitchWorld  o-o-s
23499 The Flowers Mosey 'N Me   5.00
23498 FolkArt Cat Mosey 'N Me  o-o-s
23497 Sunshine And Shadows Graphs by Barbara & Cheryl 10.00
23496 Humboldt Coast The Silver Lining  o-o-s
23495 The Heavenly Kiss De La Tour Designs  o-o-s
23494 Autumn Goddess De La Tour Designs  o-o-s
23493 Becoming The Dream De La Tour Designs   8.00
23492 Please Think Of Me Peaceful Pursuit   6.00
23491 Every Stitch Is Part Of Me Peaceful Pursuit   6.00
23490 Carnations Peaceful Pursuit  o-o-s
23489 A Sample Of My Work Peaceful Pursuit  o-o-s
23488 Springtime Sampler Peaceful Pursuit   6.00
23487 Try Your Best Peaceful Pursuit   6.00
23486 Creative Embroidery Techniques Guild Of Master Craftsman Publications  o-o-s
23485 Blackwork Companion Ilse Altherr  o-o-s
23484 Miniature Embroidery / Victorian Doll's House Guild Of Master Craftsman Publications  o-o-s
23483 The New Dictionary Of Counted-Thread Embroidery Stitches Three Rivers Press  o-o-s
23482 Little Book Of Wildflowers In Silk Ribbon Sally Milner Publications  o-o-s
23481 Little Book Of Embroidered Garden Flowers Sally Milner Publications  o-o-s
23480 Kilim Krazy Thread Technique Team 20.00
23479 Posy (Tinson) Carol Tinson Designs 13.50
23478 Silk Ribbon Vines And Flowers Karen Buell Designs  o-o-s
23477 Silk Ribbon Nosegay Karen Buell Designs   5.50
23476 Hardanger Bellpull w/Watercolour Threads Threads and Things  o-o-s
23475 Hardanger Pockets Threads and Things  o-o-s
23474 Blackwork And Pulled Thread Circles Karen Buell Designs  o-o-s
23473 Huck Alphabets On Stockholm Zweigart  o-o-s
23472 Huck Projects On Ivory Zweigart  o-o-s
23471 Huck Projects In Blue & White Zweigart  o-o-s
23470 Pleasant Country III Jeremiah Junction   3.75
23469 I Love Antiques II Jeremiah Junction  o-o-s
23468 Seasons Of The Heart - May The Artists Collection   2.50
23467 The Santa Gathering - No. 5 The Artists Collection  o-o-s
23466 Please Be Seated ASN Publishing Company   6.00
23465 Baby Top To Toe ASN Publishing Company  o-o-s
23464 From The Flower Garden ASN Publishing Company   6.00
23463 To Have & To Hold Mill Hill Publications  o-o-s
23462 Naval Submarine Base - New London Alabama Needle Arts  o-o-s
23461 On The Beat Heritage Stitchcraft   8.00
23460 Milk Train Heritage Stitchcraft   8.00
23459 The Lock Heritage Stitchcraft   8.00
23458 Aerodome Heritage Stitchcraft   8.00
23457 Lindisfarne Heritage Stitchcraft  o-o-s
23456 Windy Day Heritage Stitchcraft 12.50
23455 Tiddlers Heritage Stitchcraft 12.50
23454 The Sycamore Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23453 The Spindle Berry Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23452 The Pear Blossom Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23451 The Laburnum Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23450 The Willow Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23449 The Hawthorn Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23448 The Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23447 Strawberry Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23446 The Cornflower Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23445 The Canterbury Bell Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23444 Hyacinth Fairies The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23443 The Cherry Tree Fairy The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23442 Stitcher's Photo Journal Omnipress  o-o-s
23441 Gold Leaf The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23440 Greyhound The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23439 Flower Fairies The DMC Corporation  o-o-s
23438 Scotland Map Heritage Stitchcraft  o-o-s
23437 Wales Heritage Stitchcraft  o-o-s
23436 England And Wales Heritage Stitchcraft  o-o-s
23435 The British Isles Heritage Stitchcraft  o-o-s
23434 Shimmering Flight Bell Pull Mary Hickmott Designs  o-o-s
23433 Nature Trail Bell Pull Mary Hickmott Designs  o-o-s
23432 Counted Satin Stitch Sampler Mary Hickmott Designs  o-o-s
23431 Assisi Sampler Mary Hickmott Designs  o-o-s
23430 Rococco Sampler Mary Hickmott Designs  o-o-s
23429 Hardanger Sampler Mary Hickmott Designs  o-o-s
23428 Decades To Remember Stoney Creek Collection   6.95
23427 Teddies Of The Year Stoney Creek Collection  o-o-s
23426 Your Very Own Christmas Stoney Creek Collection  o-o-s
23425 Rake - Hoe - Reap - Sow Stitches from the Heartland   3.00
23424 Roll Some Snow Stitches from the Heartland   3.00
23423 Best Friends Stitches from the Heartland  o-o-s
23422 Friendship Sampler Birds Of A Feather  o-o-s
23421 No Bees, No Honey Birds Of A Feather   7.00
23420 Wise As An Owl Birds Of A Feather  o-o-s
23419 Burda Hardanger Special 1999 Burda 11.50
23418 Nantucket Island Eventide Designs  o-o-s
23417 Needlewoman Murder Mystery - Chapter 7 Curtis Boehringer  o-o-s
23416 Terrier Minis Pegasus Originals  o-o-s
23415 School House Quilt Cedar Hill  o-o-s
23414 School Birdhouse Sampler Cedar Hill  o-o-s
23413 Tie-Dyed Snowman StitchWorld  o-o-s
23412 Nairobi Hibiscus Janet Powers Originals  o-o-s
23411 The Quaker Alphabet Samplar Examplars From The Heart  o-o-s
23410 The Music Of Friendship The Silver Thimble   5.00
23409 Basket Sampler The Silver Thimble   7.00
23408 Mountain Cabin Sampler The Silver Thimble   6.00
23407 The Greenwood Sampler The Silver Thimble   7.00
23406 Foxgloves The Silver Lining  o-o-s
23405 It's Twins! The Silver Lining  o-o-s
23404 White Foxgloves The Silver Lining  o-o-s
23403 Pink Tulips The Silver Lining  o-o-s
23402 Live Each Day Imaginating  o-o-s
23401 Great Horned Owl Kachina Impressions  o-o-s
23400 Sun Kachina Impressions  o-o-s
23399 Eagle Kachina Impressions  o-o-s
23398 Salako Mana & Taka Impressions   4.00
23397 My Father Impressions  o-o-s
23396 Wisdom Sampler Impressions  o-o-s
23395 Hospitality Sampler Impressions  o-o-s
23394 Give Thanks Impressions   3.00
23393 Sarum Hymn Impressions  o-o-s
23392 Ring Boxes II Sudberry House   6.00
23391 House Teapot Sudberry House  o-o-s
23390 Spring/Summer Cat In Window Sudberry House   6.00
23389 Fall/Winter Cat In Winter Sudberry House  o-o-s
23388 Canadian Geese Sudberry House   6.00
23387 Watermelon Teapot Sudberry House  o-o-s
23386 Pansy Coasters Sudberry House  o-o-s
23385 Pansy Wreath Sudberry House  o-o-s
23384 Glouchester Grapes / Colors Simply Old-Fashioned  o-o-s
23383 Glouchester Grapes / Black & White Simply Old-Fashioned   5.00
23382 Cemetery Hill Simply Old-Fashioned   6.00
23381 A Twinkling Of Trees Simply Old-Fashioned  o-o-s
23380 Threadneedle Thistle / Black & White Simply Old-Fashioned  o-o-s
23379 Threadneedle Thistle / Colors Simply Old-Fashioned  o-o-s
23378 Medieval Lady St. Ruth Designs   6.00
23377 The Alphabet Collection Vol. 3 Graphworks International  o-o-s
23376 Precious Stones Sew & Co.   7.00
23375 God Bless America Sew & Co.   7.00
23374 Mini Seasons - Winter 'Cross The Lilliebridge   4.00
23373 Mini Seasons - Autumn 'Cross The Lilliebridge  o-o-s
23372 Mini Seasons - Summer 'Cross The Lilliebridge  o-o-s
23371 Mini Seasons - Spring 'Cross The Lilliebridge   4.00
23370 Teddy Bear Heart Bobbie G. Designs   6.00
23369 Garden Window Bobbie G. Designs   6.00
23368 Pansy Love Bobbie G. Designs   6.00
23367 Over Easy For Beginners The Design Connection  o-o-s
23366 Home & Family - For Mother Kulik Kreations   4.00
23365 Peppercricket Farm Dimensions  o-o-s
23364 Flower Of The East Dimensions  o-o-s
23363 Heirloom Anniversary Sampler The Victoria Sampler  o-o-s
23362 Beaded Tapestry Bag (w/Bead Kit) Kimberly Crum  o-o-s
23361 Evolve Kimberly Crum  o-o-s
23360 Black Bear Pin Design Kimberly Crum  o-o-s
23359 Prescott Julie Sackett   9.50
23358 Four Corners Julie Sackett   9.50
23357 Sunburst Charted Kimono Julie Sackett  o-o-s
23356 Music Lover - Bits & Pieces Homespun Elegance  o-o-s
23355 Happy Hare - Bits & Pieces Homespun Elegance  o-o-s
23354 Mr. Fuzzy - Bits & Pieces Homespun Elegance  o-o-s
23353 Winter - Bits & Pieces Homespun Elegance  o-o-s
23352 Adam & Eve Finger Work   9.00
23351 Remembrance Needlebook Historic Stitches 11.00
23350 Elizabeth Hancock c. 1830 Sampler Historic Stitches   9.00
23349 The Apple Tree Scissors Case Fancy Work  o-o-s
23348 The Apple Tree Pincushion Fancy Work   7.00
23347 The Apple Tree Needle Case Fancy Work   7.00
23346 The Hannah Clough Sampler, 1818 Concord House Samplers  o-o-s
23345 Forget Me Not Rabbit Works   8.00
23344 Blue Coat School Rabbit Works 21.00
23343 Alphabets Inspired By Scripture Leisure Arts  o-o-s
23342 Lady Of Shalott Leisure Arts  o-o-s
23341 Peanuts In Cross Stitch Leisure Arts  o-o-s
23340 Apples To Zinnias (Freitas) EdMar  o-o-s
23339 No Star Like Thee La Broderie  o-o-s
23338 Lace Lotus & Beginner's Lotus The Horne Collection  o-o-s
23337 Washington D.C. - Word Graphic Oberlin Samplers  o-o-s
23336 Snow Sports Oberlin Samplers   6.50
23335 Mrs. Snow With Christmas Rose Oberlin Samplers   6.50
23334 Dessert First Oberlin Samplers  o-o-s
23333 Angels Oberlin Samplers  o-o-s
23332 Birdhouse Of The Month - May Holly House Designs  o-o-s
23331 Moonlight Lullaby Mirabilia Designs  o-o-s
23330 Guard This Keep Dragon Dreams   5.00
23329 Cat Alphabet The Vermillion Stitchery  o-o-s
23328 Country Critters II Homespun Elegance   5.00
23327 Winter House Sampler Homespun Elegance  o-o-s
23326 Spring Bulb Planting Guide Cedar Hill   4.00
23325 Tea For Two Sue Hillis Designs  o-o-s
23324 Blue Boy And Pinkie The Design Connection  o-o-s
23323 Love Letters Heart In Hand Needleart  o-o-s
23322 Seasons In The Country The Artists Collection   5.50
23321 The Homespun Hare The Artists Collection   5.50
23320 Sewing Memories StitchWorld  o-o-s
23319 Snickerdoodle Dimples Designs  o-o-s
23318 61 Dog Breeds Jeanette Crews Designs  o-o-s
23317 Seaside Stitches Jeanette Crews Designs  o-o-s
23316 Christmas Angels A To Z Alma Lynne Designs   6.00
23315 Itty Bitty Romance Twisted Threads  o-o-s
23314 Itty Bitty Seasons 1 - Spring/Summer Twisted Threads  o-o-s
23313 May Banner Dunfield  o-o-s
23312 Spring Feeder Crossed Wing Collection  o-o-s
23311 Autumn Feeder Crossed Wing Collection  o-o-s
23310 Grapes-A-Plenty Bobbie G. Designs   6.00
23309 Nearer Gods Heart Stitches from the Heartland  o-o-s
23308 Birds - Bees - Flowers - Trees Stitches from the Heartland   3.00
23307 The Needlework Studio Sunwest Publishing  o-o-s
23306 ANG Stitchnotes American Needlepoint Guild  o-o-s
23305 Wedding Lace Sampler Cotton Crossing  o-o-s
23304 A Tassel Workshop Collection Kimberly Crum 22.00
23303 Seasons Of The Heart - April The Artists Collection   2.50
23302 The Santa Gathering - No. 4 The Artists Collection  o-o-s
23301 Snowman Blessings I X-Appeal  o-o-s
23300 Miracles Happen Lizzie Kate  o-o-s
23299 Friends Are Like Angels Lizzie Kate  o-o-s
23298 Yankee Doodles Lizzie Kate  o-o-s
23297 Summer Button Up Lizzie Kate  o-o-s
23296 Cluny Tapestry Perfect Color  o-o-s
23295 Cottage Glen Perfect Color  o-o-s
23294 Apple Orchard Perfect Color   5.00
23293 Snowy Stream Perfect Color  o-o-s
23292 Winter Church Perfect Color   5.00
23291 Lighthouse Perfect Color  o-o-s
23290 Ladybug... Little Charmer Charland Designs  o-o-s
23289 Hedge Hog Little Charmer Charland Designs  o-o-s
23288 Butterfly Kisses Little Charmer Charland Designs  o-o-s
23287 Bee Hive Little Charmer Charland Designs  o-o-s
23286 Gratitude Sampler Charland Designs   6.00
23285 Bibs For Baby Leisure Arts  o-o-s
23284 Santa & Company Leisure Arts  o-o-s
23283 At Home With Paula Vaughan Leisure Arts  o-o-s
23282 Labores Del Hogar - Extra #26 Permin  o-o-s
23281 Labores Del Hogar #6 Permin  o-o-s
23280 Bear Hugs Ursula Michael Designs   5.00
23279 Northern Noah The Stitcher's Habit  o-o-s
23278 The Alphabet Collection Vol. 2 Graphworks International  o-o-s
23277 The Alphabet Collection Vol. 1 Graphworks International  o-o-s
23276 Remembrance Rose Needle Roll The Sweetheart Tree  o-o-s
23275 Wildberry Romance The Sweetheart Tree   2.50
23274 American Heritage The Sweetheart Tree  o-o-s
23273 Bountiful Blueberries The Sweetheart Tree  o-o-s
23272 Friendship Rose The Sweetheart Tree  o-o-s
23271 Garden Cart Ursula Michael Designs   5.00
23270 Beyond The Garden Gate Leisure Arts 24.95
23269 Needlework Masterpieces From Winterthur David & Charles  o-o-s
23268 Blue Heaven La Broderie   6.00
23267 British Embroidery: Curious Works From The 17th Century The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation  o-o-s
23266 17th C. Irish Garden Designs by Liz Turner Diehl  o-o-s
23265 16th C. Petite Elizabethan Garden Designs by Liz Turner Diehl  o-o-s
23264 Sewing Bird Designs by Liz Turner Diehl  o-o-s
23263 The Fruit Tree Designs by Liz Turner Diehl  o-o-s
23262 Potpourri Of Pattern Ann Strite-Kurz  o-o-s
23261 Stitch Variations And Mutations Ann Strite-Kurz  o-o-s
23260 Flurry Of Butterflies Ann Strite-Kurz 22.00
23259 Canvas Applique Ann Strite-Kurz  o-o-s
23258 2001 Cross Stitch Designs Meredith Publications  o-o-s
23257 Ribbon Embroidery Craftworld Books  o-o-s
23256 Ribbons & Roses (Lockheed) Tracy Marsh Publications  o-o-s
23255 Good Graycious Designs By Rose Marie  o-o-s
23254 A Job Well Done! Stoney Creek Collection  o-o-s
23253 The Final Frontier Stoney Creek Collection   6.95
23252 Heavenly Hymns Stoney Creek Collection  o-o-s
23251 Hello Dollies Cross My Heart   6.95

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