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The Patterned Tent
Side By Side (Pattern Darning)
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The Patterned Tent
The Patterned Tent
A collection of two and three color
tent-stitched patterns

#45245 -- $18.00

The Tent Stitch is the most basic unit of needlepoint
stitching.  It is the best known, most familiar, and
smallest needlepoint stitch that covers one canvas
intersection (junction of mesh) on mono canvas
and two intersections on penelope canvas.
This project pack shows how much fun
the tent stitch can be.

28 pages; includes 5 project instructions and
149 stitch patterns.

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Side By Side (Pattern Darning)
Side By Side
Pattern Darning in the 21st Century
#45485 -- $36.00

The original purpose, and meaning, of darning was the repair and/or reinforcement of areas of clothing and linens where the fabric had been torn or had worn thin creating a hole.  Samplers were stitched by young girls in the 19th century as practice for learning sewing and mending skills.  Contrasting colored threads would be used so that the young girls could see their work.  When practicing with a contrasting color, visual "patterns" emerged.  Pattern Darning joins the many stitches used in needlepoint and counted thread embroidery as means of creating images and decoration on fabric and canvas.
This book has Pattern Darning designs for simple and
elaborate fill patterns, reverse patterns, two color
patterns, borders, stand alone motifs, and medallions.

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