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Crewel Embroidery Kit Designs
by Blanche Virgien

All designs are fully kitted with 100% linen fabric or linen twill or cotton/linen flax,
100% wool crewel yarn, needle, and complete color and stitch directions

Click on a group name to see the thumbnail images of the kits in the group,
or click on Kit# for an individual picture

Not all of the items listed are in-stock and available
You can view/order available items at our website

Group Kit Number Description
8" Bird Series -- fits 8" hoop or 8" x 8" frame
  301 Black-capped Chickadee
302 Cardinal [Not available]
303 Downy Woodpecker
304 Goldfinch
305 Indigo Bunting [Not available]
306 Nuthatch
307 Oriole
308 Painted Bunting
309 Purple Finch
310 Red Poll
311 Song Sparrow
312 Tufted Titmouse
313 White-winged Crossbill
314 Wood Thrush
Pillow Fronts
  315 Bird In A Wreath
316 Bluebird
317 Della Robbia [Not available]
318 Fairy Ring Mushrooms
319 Four Mushrooms Study [Not available]
320 Hospitality (Pineapple) [Not available]
321 Mushrooms [Not available]
322 Oval Fruit Ring
323 Ruby Crowned Kinglets
324 Scarlet Tanager
325 Spring Bouquet
326 Sunshine Bouquet
327 White On White [Not available]
Shoulder Bags -- 10"w x 9"h bag
  328 Black-capped Chickadee Shoulder Bag [Not available]
329 Cardinals And Jasmine Shoulder Bag [Not available]
330 Daisies Shoulder Bag [Not available]
331 Maple Leaves Shoulder Bag [Not available]
332 White On White Shoulder Bag
333 White-winged Crossbill Shoulder Bag [Not available]
334 Wildflowers Shoulder Bag [Not available]
Beginner Courses
  335 Basket Of Flowers Pillow
336 Flowers With Spider Web
337 Crowing Rooster
338 Honey Tree
Clutch Bags -- 9"w x 5 1/2"h bag
  339M Mountain Laurel Clutch Bag [Not available]
339W White On White Clutch Bag [Not available]
340 Pansies Clutch Bag
341 Strawberries Clutch Bag [Not available]
Door Stops or Book Ends -- front size 3 1/2" x 8"
  342 Hot Air Balloon Festival
343 Home Garden Harvest
344 Cucumber Hill
345B Beige On Beige Pineapple [Not available]
345G Pineapple On Green [Not available]
345W White On White Pineapple
Bermuda Bags -- available without or with handle
  346 / 346H Black-capped Chickadees Bermuda Bag [Not available]
347 / 347H Daisies With Butterfly Bermuda Bag
348 / 348H Diamonds Bermuda Bag
349 / 349H Mountain Laurel Bermuda Bag
350 / 350H Mushrooms Bermuda Bag
351 / 351H Pansies Bermuda Bag
352 / 352H Pink Daisies Bermuda Bag
353 / 353H Strawberries Bermuda Bag
354 / 354H White On White Bermuda Bag
Mushrooms -- framed size 6" x 8"
  355 Edible Boletus Mushrooms
356 Morel Mushrooms
357 Violet Cortinarious & Bird's Nest Mushrooms
358 Western Fly Agaric Mushrooms
Bookmarks -- finished size 2 1/2" x 10"
  359 Bee And Beehive Bookmark [Not available]
360 Bookworm Bookmark
361 Calla Lilies Bookmark
362 Giraffe Bookmark
363 Owl And Mouse Bookmark
364 Soldier In Guard House Bookmark
Sachets -- finished size 5" x 5"
  365 Butterfly Sachet
366 Mountain Laurel Sachet
367 Pine Cone Sachet
368 Rosebuds Sachet
Fruit Clusters -- 5" square
  369 Apple, Pear, Grapes
370 Pear, Grapes, Quince
Wild Ducks
  371 Pintail Ducks [Not available]
372 Wood Ducks [Not available]
Eye Glass Cases -- 3 3/4" x 7 1/2"
  373 Columbine And Bumblebee Eye Glass Case
374 Fairy Ring Mushrooms Eye Glass Case
375 Owl And Mouse Eye Glass Case
376 Bookworm Eye Glass Case
Wall Hangings
  377 Black-capped Chickadees & Sunflowers
378 Canada Geese [Not available]
379 The Cardinals
380 Cat Nap [Not available]
381 Catnip And Mice
382 Child's Gift [Not available]
382D Child's Gift With Daisies
383 The City
384 Counting Sheep [Not available]
385 Daffodil Mixed Bouquet
386 Dog's Life
387 Fish Family
388 Frogs And Ferns
389 Goldfinches & Thistles [Not available]
390 Goldfish Pond
391 Gourds
392 High Society
393 Indian Paintbrush & Daisies
394 Mother Goose Rhymes [Not available]
395 Mother Nature & The Four Seasons
396 Olde Towne
397 Onions Still Life
398 Partridge In A Pear Tree
399C Cardinals And Jasmine
399D Dill Pickles
400 Party Line
401B Buff Poodle
401G Gray Poodle
401K Black Poodle
402 Raccoon [Not available]
403 Raspberries In A Basket [Not available]
404 Robin Red Breast Family
405 Ruffed Grouse
406 Sea Gulls On Dock [Not available]
407 Sea Gulls In Flight [Not available]
408 Ship-N-Whale
409 Ski Scene [Not available]
410 Snowy Owls [Not available]
411 Squash
412 Star Spangled Eagle
413 Strawberries In A Basket [Not available]
414 The Swans [Not available]
415 Village And Farm
416 Wildflower Panel (on Aqua or Cinnamon) [Not available]
417 Window Bird Feeder Scene
418 Winter Friends
419 Woodland Scrapbook [Not available]
  420 Cactus Box/Pincushion
421 Flower Border Apron
422 Flowers Footstool Or Pillow
423 Holly Ball [Not available]
424 Red Polls On Holly Branch
425 Sun 'N Sail
426 Queen Anne's Lace Tote Bag [Not available]
Decorative Potholders, Hangups and Whatnots
  427 Baker's Witch Decorative Potholder
428 Dieter's Hangup [Not available]
429 Dill Decorative Potholder
430 Dill Pickles Decorative Potholder
431 Fruit Decorative Potholder
432 Gourds And Squash Decorative Potholder
433 Large Strawberry Whatnot
434 Meat & Vegetable Witch Decorative Potholder
435 Noel Christmas Hangup [Not available]
Neckties -- 3 3/4" x 55"
  436 Bowling Necktie
437 Canada Geese Necktie
438 Crossed Tennis Racquets Necktie [Not available]
439 "Curtiss Jenny" Airplane Necktie
440C Golf Necktie on cream [Not available]
440G Golf Necktie on green [Not available]
441 Horse Necktie
442 The Hunting Hounds Necktie
443 Lawyer Necktie
444 The Lighthouse Necktie
445 Mallards Necktie
446 Doctor Necktie
447 Musical Symbols Necktie
448 Nautical Monogram Necktie
449 Penguin Party Necktie
450 Pheasant Necktie
451C Sailboat Necktie on cream
451N Sailboat Necktie on navy [Not available]
452 Sea Gulls Necktie [Not available]
453N Shore Birds Necktie on navy
453T Shore Birds Necktie on tan [Not available]
454 Shriner's Necktie
455 Stag Necktie [Not available]
456C Tennis Necktie on cream [Not available]
456T Tennis Necktie on tan
457 Train Necktie [Not available]
458C Fishing Flies Necktie on cream
458T Trout Flies Necktie on tan
459 Antique Weather Vanes Necktie [Not available]
460 American Eagle Necktie [Not available]
461 Christmas Holly Necktie [Not available]
462 The Bird Dogs Necktie

  Click on a group name to see the thumbnail images of the kits in the group  

Not all of the items listed are in-stock and available
You can view/order available items at our website

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