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Cross Stitch Washing/Blocking

We are often asked how to clean or block a completed piece of counted cross stitch.......
  • Use Ensure or FabriCare (both made especially for washing needlework) or any mild detergent (detergent, not soap) -- not a product made for wool -- nothing with bleaching crystals or a softener.
  • Use cold-to-tepid water, not warm -- make sure the detergent is all dissolved before adding the needlework.
  • Soak as needed to remove all soil and excess dyes (usually a few minutes or hours, but a few days if necessary).
  • Rinse thoroughly (several times) in cold or cool water. Do not wring or twist.
  • Lay the needlework on one end of a terry cloth towel. Flip the other end of the towel up over the needlework and pat the towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Remove and hang up the towel to dry. Place the needlework right-side down on a padded ironing board and iron with a dry iron set on cotton until dry. Allow the needlework to lay flat at least several hours before framing or finishing.

For more assistance with difficult cleaning problems:

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