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Pieces of Africa by
Kick Back & Stitch

designs by Terry Gifford

Charted needlepoint designs


Our beautiful pillow is the "Kilimanjaro" pattern stitched in the "Congo" colorway

"Kilimanjaro" is one of the Pieces of Africa patterns from Kick Back & Stitch --
the companion pieces are "the Congo" and "the Nile"

The Red Pillow -- the "Kilimanjaro" pattern stitched in the "Congo" colorway     Design size:
  7 3/4"w x 5 7/8"h
  on 18-count canvas

      (on Lavender)
  the Congo
      (on Victorian Red)
  the Nile
      (on Light Blue)

The Pieces of Africa companion patterns are:
  #32539   Pieces of Africa - the Congo   $18.00
  #32540   Pieces of Africa - Kilimanjaro    $18.00
  #32541   Pieces of Africa - the Nile   $18.00
  #33255   Pieces of Africa: Tunis   $  7.00

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