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    * * * Autumn & Winter 2017-2018 CLASS SCHEDULE * * *
The Open Classroom                                        Judie Solomon
 Cross Stitch, Samplers, Hardanger, Pulled Thread, Drawn Thread --
 Charted and Painted Canvaswork/Needlepoint -- and More!  For all
 levels -- beginners on up are welcome.  Although classes are
 scheduled in groups of 3 or 4 weeks, you may join at any time,
 space permitting.  Registration is on a monthly basis.
	Mondays, September 18 - March 26 (except Dec. 18,
                        Dec. 25, Jan. 1, Jan. 29, Mar. 5); 7-9pm
	Tuesdays, September 5 - March 27 (except Sept. 12,
                        Dec. 19, Dec. 26, Jan. 30, Mar. 6); 1-3pm
	Wednesdays, September 6 - March 28 (except Nov. 22,
                        Dec. 20, Dec. 27, Jan. 24, Feb. 28); 7-9pm
	Thursdays, September 7 - March 29 (except Nov. 23,
                        Dec. 21, Dec. 28, Jan. 25, Mar. 1); 10am-12n
	                                                 $7.50 per week
Introduction to Temari                                     Robin French
 Temari opens up a whole new range of territory for stitchers to
 explore. A thousand year old craft from Japan, Temari is traditionally
 given as a gift, but also has a wealth of uses as decorations for the
 home and as Christmas tree ornaments. The concept is elegantly simple,
 the end result is simply elegant! Class fee includes a wrapped ball
 and needles.  See a picture of typical finished class pieces.
	Saturday, September 30; 10am-4pm                         $55.00
Hardanger Embroidery Basics                               Judie Solomon
 Hardanger looks complicated because of all the openwork, but it really
 is not difficult to do at all!  Although traditionally worked
 white-on-white, we recommend the use of soft colors for beginning
 students.  We also often use some of the lovely hand-dyed threads for
 a more contemporary look.  See a picture of the class piece.
	Tuesdays, October 3, 10, 17, 24; 10am-12n                $35.00
Our Furry Friend                                     Martha Piontkowski
 Martha is the premier stitcher of furry animals.  She will share
 her secrets with you in this class as you stitch a small squirrel
 on Sante Fe Sage 18-mesh canvas.  You will then be able to apply
 her techniques to all the wooly animals you stitch from now on.
 The class fee includes the painted canvas.
 See a picture of the class piece.
	Sunday, October 15; 11am-4pm                             $40.00
Mounting and Framing I                             Judie & John Solomon
 Learn the basics of proper mounting of needlework while mounting a
 piece of counted cross stitch on Aida into a frame that is no larger
 than 12" x 12" chosen from our wide selection.
 Please check frame and needlework with us at the time of registration.
	Friday, November 17; 7-10:30pm
	Friday, December 1; 7-10:30pm                            $25.00
Mounting and Framing II & III                      Judie & John Solomon
 Mounting needlework by lacing is the best method for mounting all
 needlework and is required for linens and other plainweave fabrics,
 crewel, and needlepoint.  This class also covers mounting needlework
 into frames which are neither square or rectangular.
 Please check frame and needlework with us at the time of registration.
 Prerequisite: Mounting and Framing I (see above).
	Friday, December 8; 7-10:30pm                            $25.00
"Temari Of The Month" Club                                 Robin French
 For students who have taken one of Robin's classes, this monthly class
 offers unique opportunities to expand your Temari expertise.  A new
 project will be introduced each month.  Each student must bring at
 least one ball wrapped following the instructions learned in the
 introductory class, or let us know in advance to have the teacher
 bring a wrapped ball for an additional fee.
 Registrations should be made at the shop (in person or by phone)
 at least 48 hours before class.....  Class fee, as well as the fee
 for a wrapped ball, is payable to the teacher at the start of class.
 Except as noted, class fees do not include materials -- see the
 info sheet for your supplies list.
 The September class featured the 16 point chrysanthemum (Kiku)
 as perhaps the quintessential temari design.
 The October class used the basic "Kiku" stitch in a completely
 different way -- two stitching paths that overlap at the equator
 to form diamond shapes.
 The November class featured another pattern where the flower shapes
 are actually the negative space outlined by stitching.
 The December class featured a festive holiday design that offers
 the opportunity to use all kinds of pretty sparkles.
 The January class featured an interesting design created by a
 combination of wrapping and weaving techniques.
 The February class featured a traditional New Year design created
 using a combination of wrapped bands and layered spindles to
 represent bamboo.
 The March class features a design created in two layers, the first
 with wrapped bands and then a delicate layer of filigree stitching.
 See a picture of typical class pieces for the March class.
 See the info sheet for the March class.
	Saturday, September 9; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)
	Saturday, October 14; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)
	Saturday, November 11; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)
	Saturday, December 2; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)
	Saturday, January 6; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)
	Saturday, February 3; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)
	Saturday, March 3; 10am-1pm (see the info sheet)         $40.00
	Additional dates will be scheduled soon
Except as noted, class fees do not include materials -- we will contact
you 3-7 days before your class with a supplies list or kit fee.
Mark your calendar now!
	Mid-Winter Madness Sale (at least 20% off everything in stock)
	Sunday, January 7; 12n to 4pm
	Monday, January 8; 9:30am to 5:30pm
	(in-store purchases only)
Class Registration:
1) Class fee is payable at time of registration
2) Registrations close 72 hours before the start of each class
   (late registrations are accepted on a space-available basis)
3) $7.50 cancellation fee for withdrawal within 72 hours before start
   of class
4) In case of cancellation or withdrawal, refunds will be made only at
   the store -- we cannot mail out refund checks
5) We cannot accept registrations for partial sessions -- please check
   your calendar carefully -- only one absence per session may be
   carried over to the next session
6) Missed classes may be made up at the discretion of the shop
   management in cooperation with the instructor -- make-ups must be
   taken during the next scheduled session of the missed class -- only
   one absence per session may be carried over to the next session
7) Class size is limited: minimum -- 4 students
                          maximum -- 6-12 students

For more information about a class:

E-mail the class name/date/time along with your mailing address and phone # to:

or call us at (860) 257-2718

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